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Explore the Universe

Day 1 - I selected a Vintage Nasa poster, because i like the tonal colours, the playful character and the vintage textures - although i have to say it did take a while to settle on this one as i love vintage graphics and spent most of the day pinteresting a whole load of new images!

Having never used illustrator to compleate a project, i wanted to challenge myself with gradients and textures to achieve an end project that is both stylish and profesional looking.

This is my first attempt at getting some of the basic shapes in place. 

Day 2 - ok, so - i have managed to get most of the shapes in now - i struggled to get the detail into the space suit, especally on the arm and have mainly only used the pen tool so far.

i am keen to make a strat on the textures and gradients to make the imge more 3 dimentional, but over all i am pleased at how well the image is coming together. 

Day 3- Ok, i am calling this prodect done! i stuggled a bit with getting the textures in as i have CS6 which, i think works slightly diffently to the way shown in the class. i managed to import some textures from the internet and play with them untill i got the effect i wanted!

I'm pretty pleased with the result for my first attempt at illustrator! 

On to Brads Digital Illustration: Communicate with Color, Pattern and Texture next! 


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