Explore Upper Mustang

Explore Upper Mustang - student project

First of all, thank you for your class. I had fun learning about core design principles. Also, applying those principles to this project. 

For both the layouts given below, I took inspiration from the class slidesPage nos. 80, 81, 82 to be specific, where the artists have played around with the color blocks, text blocks and shapes.

Layout 1: For this one, I wanted to use the (mountain) image as full bleed but because I didn’t have the original full size image, I decided to utilize what was available.

Explore Upper Mustang - image 1 - student project

Layout 2: I cropped the image I used on the first layout - just kept the bare, brown mountain part. That inspired me to go with the vertical rectangular shape on the right-hand side as well. Wanted to experiment by repeating the same rectangular pattern. Also, played around with the main headline. The image of the door used is again the same one I used on the first layout, except this is the actual image size itself. By emphasizing the door, I’m making it the main subject of the page-layout.

Explore Upper Mustang - image 2 - student project