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Explore Denton

For a small town (or small for Texas standards), Denton has a lot of hidden gems. Unfortunately, most of its greatness remains a secret to those willing to explore, especially when it comes to its food and coffee.

With Dallas being only a forty minute drive, many people make the trek to the city for their culinary and caffeine fixes. As a food journalist who works mostly in Dallas, but lives in Denton, I spend the majority of my time reading/writing/eating/learning about the culinary and coffee scene. That's why I've been trying to make a concerted effort to explore all of the great things Denton has to offer.

This lead me to a place called Loco Cafe. Despite its obscure location, the breakfast-brunch spot has a pretty decent following. The menu focuses mostly on breakfast foods with a few lunch options, all with a Texas flare and made with locally produced foods. It even has a dedicated coffee bar, although the "icebox coffee" (cold brew made with milk and flavor -- but I opted for simple syrup instead) left a little something to be desired in the flavor department. Luckily, my steak tacos made up for my lack of a caffeine fix.

Still needing an actual coffee buzz, I decided that I needed a well-made latte. This lead me to my newest favorite spot in town: Cultivar and Hypnotic Donuts. It's actually a space shared by two different Dallas-transplate businesses -- Cultivar Coffee and Hypnotic Donuts -- that opened up secondary locations in the northern college town. Cultivar makes some of the best coffee in Dallas, so I was elated when I heard (actually, I was the one who broke the news) that they were opening a second place in Denton. It was actually Hypnotic Donuts that brought them to town, since the space they were renting was two big for their funky brand of donuts, and Cultivar has experience working in shared spaces. 

And its a match made in heaven, because now I'm able to get perfectly made lattes (my barista overfilled the cup, so it set a lot sooner than I could take the picture) and tater tot poutine in the same location. The people are always friendly and welcoming, so I somehow end up there at least once or twice a week. They also had a copy of a local magazine that a friend of mine writes for, so added bonus points.

I used VSCO Cam K2 + F2 presets.


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