Explorative Design

6696ee61d6f546774052a7b6These ones are some of my favourite ones that were created during this course. During the last week, I did one excercise or so before heading to work, so they really brightened my day with some sense of creation and fun!

I think setting an archievable goal and rules/restraints really helped me focus on the task, normally my design process was quite jumpy and not really focused, yielding little result, so your approach with those excercises was very encouraging. b663c26d96063cec

Dealing with those simple shapes also made me curious about the Bauhaus movement and I went out to research some more about their visual style. 

So I went out and created some posters with a slightly different set of rules. 

Thank you so much for this amazing course, sharing your insights and bringing this method of learning to us. For me, it really brought the fun back into designing! 




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