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Explorations in Typographic Composition and Fonts

Phase 1: Sans + Structure

Experimentations with alignment:

Flush Left

Flush right



I switched “Lau” and “web” so that my name and headline would not be interrupted by rivers.

Anchoring the text to the central axes and adding emphasis:

Name is emphased with a heavier weight.

The name and headline are centered to get rid of unwanted rivers and the rest is justify aligned. Name and headline have lighter weight to counter larger size.

Using a grid determined by block of URIs:

First iteration

With flush right alignment in the top left card. Dynamic!

Second iteration

Phase 2: Serif + Details

I wrote a few sentences about my work and set it in several serif typefaces:

I chose Minion because I like the balance in thickness.

I then emphasized the most important words using small caps and italics:

I added some drama by coloring the small caps, increasing the font size of the first line,  using an italic ampersand (set in Adobe Caslon Pro), and justifying the text.

Phase 3: Slab + Customization

I kept it simple with Neutraface Slab Text, a colored stroke, and drop shadow.

Maybe it's the combination of small caps and drop shadow, but the first one was a bit loud. So I dropped them both, changed the headline to a sans serif, and added more color.

Putting it all together:


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