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Liz B.

Graphic Designer




Hello! Like everyone in this class, pattern and color have always been a passion of mine and play a huge role in my graphic design work. When beginning this project, I was really excited and inspired by the work of Elizabeth Olwen, Rifle Paper and several other illustrators, however, when I tried to create a similar pattern I felt increasingly overwhelmed. Trying to begin with a pattern so complex and beautiful was creating too much pressure for me, and I was unhappy with all of the work I created. 

My solution to this problem was to simplify it and work off of one image instead of an entire mood board, and create a larger scale pattern with more white space to better aquaint myself with this process before moving on to a denser pattern.

For my first pattern I used dandeloins to inspire my sketches. I inclued the key sketch that led to my pattern.

I took pictures of my sketches, emailed them to myself and redrew them in Illustrator using a tablet. Here's my final pattern block and repeat, in several different colors:

I look forward to starting my next pattern!


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