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Exploration of Time

I'm a little apprehensive because working abstract is definitely not one of my strong suits but I'd like to increase my comfort level.


I'm drawn to Composition X because of the chaotic joy in it. The notes said that painting was, in part, an expression of the inner emotiona feelings that Kandinsky was experiencing near the end of his life. I'm (hopefully) not near the end of my life but I am currently giving a lot of thought to my time, how I'm spending it, and how I want to be spending it. I think this is actually something that I can explore.

On another note, I just love that what originally looks like little speckles are actually carefully positioned and executed squares.


Just to flesh out the idea...

Because there's ultimately going to be a lot of objects on the canvas, I'm going to use a fairly wide palette. I'm going to stay within the middle range of tone though, nothing too bold as I think keeping the black background will make the colors pop like Kandinsky's. 

While his shapes were inspired by the parts of a piano, I came from a background in textile arts and some of his patterns really resemble old traditional quilt blocks. I'm not a tradtional quilter but that is how I learned a lot of the basic skills that I needed. I think that when I"m sketching, I'm going to play around with some of the shapes found in my particular craft.

As for music, I get a lot of joyful energy from the image, especially when Marvin Gaye's Got To Give It Up shuffled up on the playlist so I think that will be the song that I work to.


Tomorrow is my first day for actual painting but here's my sketch. I might tweak the objects a little more when I actually put them on the canvas, just stretch and stylize them a little more. I'm finding that my tendency to be literal just keeps creeping in! In terms of personalizing my painting, I think there are a lot of elements already within the original that I can give an individual twist to.


I spent the evening mixing paint colors. This was one of the biggest things that I was afraid of when I went through art school and now I kind of love doing it. I might flatten a few of these out a little more with a white to get coverage over that black canvas. I used a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine for my black because I just find it a little richer than a straight mars black out of the tube. Oh yeah, I'm using acrylics for this because I've been doing a lot of watercolor lately and I need to work on these more ;D


Feedback is more than welcome! On to the first stage of painting... ;D


Just a quick update! I've got the big colours blocked in so tomorrow I get to spend the day tinkering with it adding all of the little scratches and scribbles. I also get to do a few touch ups here and there to take care of some unfortunate thumbprints. Hard edges are hard with acrylics!


I'm really looking forward to the next step. I'm likening it to the embellishment stage of my textile projects. In a lot of my pieces, that means dense hand-stitching or beading. Across all mediums though, layering transparent colours to create new areas of colour has been a personal fascination and something that I return to repeatedly. Composition X gives that same effect with the change in paint when areas intersect. I like it! ;D


And... embellished!


I actually went back after and removed a bunch of squares that were making it to busy for my eyes.


Thank you so much for offering this workshop! I really enjoyed the level of interaction with other students and working to deadlines.

Answers to some of the questions: Klee would be awesome, Mondrian as well.

I wouldn't mind some guidance with pastels but I'm also curious about the effects of the different mediums that you can add to acrylic. I have a long fascination/fear of really thickly applied paint ;D

Creative restraints can be inspiring and challenging. You mentioned creating a series of small paintings from a source, that would be interesting. Different interpretations.

Thank you again, can't wait for the next one! ;D


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