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Jenni James

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Exploration of Self

Finding a song from an artist I love took longer than anticipated. I enjoy a great plethra of music and everything depends on the mood I'm in and what I want to accomplish. There are so many songs to identify with that I love, but taking a second look at why and how was a good time.


I chose to work with the concept of self discovery. It's been a rough year and I think when we go through a funk it's good to get back to your roots of how, whens, and whys. This song "Names & Dates" by Ani Difranco inspires me, because it's how I feel about myself. "I laugh too loud, and I talk to long, and this how you'll miss me when I'm gone." There are many other lyrics to this song that spark an image in my mind of how I remember events, people, places and things. This is album I first discovered her in, and it's been a journey ever since.

Album Cover


I had a time trying to find something I didn't like. A fan of Something Corporate in my younger years, they have fallen by the wayside these days in my ears, and have evolved. I found this searching YouTube. "My Racing Thoughts" by Jacks Mannequin. I think this is a little more distracting to me, but this isn't the music I would listen to create by. It's what I would drive down the road to.

Album Cover


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