Mireya .




Exploration and sample project!

Did some research. In the early 1800s there wasn't much competition and the product was the main focus. Then gradually in 1920s or so  it is the idea, a lifestyle and day in the life rather and branding. Now I think its more character, personality and appealing to the individual experience. I have leanred that in my art I want to appeal strongly to emotions but do it in a playful way. Does that make ssense?



Still the same warm cute ad but hardly see the coke. I really love the Coca-Cola because they connect with anyone, are carefree and just about enjoying life. This is the style I want to persue in my art. I really love the Pear Soap. I love the somewhat simple yet detailed work.  I really love the playful vibe and the letters in the lithograph ad as well. I really love a vintage feel. This is the style I seem to be realy drawn to and want to use in creating my style of art. 




I am working on a project and these are some layouts I love and was just taking notes of the letterforms, layout and what I like about them.


Doing layouts and playing around with options for a personal project is much need practice.





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