Experiments - student project

Experiment 1: I used a black pen, a brown pen, a mechanical pencil, a permanent marker, and a colored pencil. The pencils were more sensitive to drawing lightly/heavily and were able to smudge and blend. The black pen also smudged. I couldn't really control where the extra ink appeared, but is was fun to smear it around a bit where it did.

Experiment 2: I accidentally found the word "expert" in "experiment"!

Experiment 3: I like my eyes-closed portraits better than my left-hand portraits. The song is R.E.M.'s "The Great Beyond", which I've found inspiring for a while now, and very visual. I'd like to do more song drawings in the future, and maybe even continue making pictures based on this song as I develop more ability to draw what I imagine.

Experiment 4: So much fun with ducks! My variations were focus-on-drawing-the-head duck, multi-headed-edgy-hair-fractal-duck, shapes-reflection duck, dinosaur-duck, and a rubber ducky for good measure.

Experiment 5: Ok, so. I suspected I would be grumpy about messing up a nice drawing with a scribble. I also suspected that I would like my drawing more after I made and integrated the mistake. Both of these happened! I drew most of the pots and some of the plants. Then I added some upside-down eyes-closed lines. If I hadn't, this drawing would not have had the cat person, the interesting-shaped vase in the middle, or the bird ornament. I'm happy with how it turned out!

Experiments - image 1 - student project