Alanna Cartier

Artist, illustrator



Experiments in Finding my style



Project 1: White Pen 

I know we were supposed to paint vases, but I had a real hankering to paint mugs. I love mugs. I would drink everything out of a mug if I had the choice. I lovee exploring adding details in white pen and black pen. I kept the black pen really minimal because I loved the texture I managed to get in watercolour and I didn't want to take away from it much. The white seemed to do a wonderful job of highlighting the texture I love so much. I have 1 mm uniball pens and I quite like them. I normally don't love blue or use blue, but I deliberately tried experimenting with blue in this first project. I have to say, I'm really digging how it turned out. 


Project 2: Flower Fronts

I have to say right off the bat that this project made me very anxious. I don't know why but drawing flowers freaks me out. I LOVE flowers. Maybe too much? Perhaps that's why I get immediately terrified when I try to draw them because I'm certain I can't do them justice. I decided to experiment more with blue here, drawing the flowers on top. I actually like a lot of these, especially the big circle one, the ones with wavy lines and the daisy-type flower. 



Continued Experimentation:


I've continued to play around over the last couple weeks, trying out more colours and styles, including the more detailed style. I definitely feel like I'm starting to have a better understanding of my personal style. 





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