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Kate Purcell




Experimenting With Photography

I started getting into photography in 2007 when I bought my first Nikon D60 and was living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since then I've shot intermittently. At the moment, I'm trying to learn more of the technicalities of my SLR, shooting RAW and really trying to understand light. This class, and the subsequent photos, are my exploration. I'm using a Nikon D5100.

This is just me making a sandwich in my kitchen. I'm amazed at how much more flexibility there is with RAW. I still sort of feel like it's cheating to do so much post processing in Photoshop.

This photo I love. I took a series of images in the evening when the sun was low in the sky. The warmth of that low light was beautiful. It was difficult to get my "models" to not be completely silly. They actually wanted to have nice photos of themselves, but it was hard for them to let go. Maybe there is too much contrast in this image? It feels easy to overdo contrast in Photoshop sometimes.

And this one, well I just love it because it's my husband :)

I'm going on a trip to South Africa in a few days. I will hopefully have the opportunity to take photos of animals and nature. Any tips?


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