Experimental painting and drawing

Part 1 (cover image)

This was really fun! I discovered some things that surprised me - I liked to play around with the charcoal, smudging away...and mixing watercolor with the charcoal was extra interesting. Normally I am drawn to clear colors and am bit afraid of mixing media and just try things, so this was very helpful. I also tried indian ink for the first time and both me and my cat liked that very much!



Part 2

Discovery on the second part: I kind of fell in the trap to do what I usually do, little leaves and flowers and clear colors..haha...

Part 3

Self portrait and drawing to music

I had a laugh while drawing my self portraits - I actually really like the one made with eyes closed! I seem to have caught the seriousness that lies in me and am in some ways struggling with. Strange.

The music painting then.. Well, I chose Artifice with SOHN and it seemed to unleash some darker sides in me. If I have had a large canvas and oil I would have gone berserk and painted with my whole body, I think. I feel that a lot of my frustration, due to a terrible situation at work, expresses itself...



Experiment 5

I met this fly agaric in the woods today. Beautiful and dangerous. I really like the graphics of this fungus - spots and stripes.


Experiment 6

I am seriously surprised about what comes to life when I start drawing these experiments..I knew I was going to draw a book, but then the book suddenly was filled with text. The text is a kind of forgiveness to myself for not letting this creative voice inside me express itself for so many years. I had no idea I was going to write that, I just wrote it as I went along...I think this class is pure therapy, at least for me, and I am very thankful for that!

A more down to earth discovery is that the watercolor splashes made "by mistake" looks very nice with a black outline.




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