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Experimental notebooks

Hello all!

I love books, everything about them, the art work, the written stuff and the crazy amount of different ways to make them. I was head over heels about this class thank you Caleb for giving us book nerds the opportunity to learn the craft!

I actually made a couple pocket-sized notebooks from this class a while ago but they were just basic black, I wanted to wait until I had a chance to make some creative ones to show.

And exams are over now so more time to make books yay!!

First experimentation:


 For my first few notebooks I used plain black cardstock, but I wanted to test the saddle stitch method with some decorated paper I found around the house.

The cover is just slightly more sturdier than the paper inside the notebook, I know that the decorated paper will not protect the book well but the feel of the book is actually really nice. 


I actually couldn't find any awls locally (and did not want to wait to create) so I picked up a pointed embossing tool from a local craft shop. The holes it leaves are rather noticeable and I might invest in a proper awl down the track but the larger the notebook the less you can see it.

Also, I've been double stitching my notebooks; this seems to help make the holes less noticeable and puts my mind at ease when I think about the book falling apart.


Oh! Forgot to mention earlier that I changed the orientation/size of my notebook :). The black one in the photo is one of my first I put in as a size reference because it's made to the stardards of the one made in the class.

I don't know why but I find it easier to write in a landscape book (could be because I'm left-handed??)

Second Experimentation:


I found some random card and it comes in so many colours! I think this was made to be used as some form of borders in scrapbooking but it works perfectly for making REALLY small pocket notebooks!


I almost used my regular tool to make the holes, thank goodness I stopped myself in time and used a small needle instead, other wise I'm sure the book would be no spine and all holes.


<< double stitched and knotted; was alot harder than I originally thought!


So far, this is my favourite one I have made, I have turned it into my shopping list book!


<< size comparisons :)

Third Experimentation:

This is the project that got me the most excited; I used handmade paper for this one.


It is the same size as the regular pocket notebook because I didn't want to waste a single bit of this paper.

Like the first project the cover probably won't protect this book as efficiently as a harder cover would but look at how nice that is!

Here's more of a close up:


My goal from here is to start making my own notebooks completely from homemade paper. So all the scraps and paper cuttings I got from this project are currently in my recycling bag, waiting to be turned into new pages for the next notebook :D.

I've always loved books, so thank you again Caleb for posting this class, now I have a creative outlet that can be completely recyclable and I never have to buy an excersize book for Uni again!

Happy Making everyone!


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