Experimental Lookbook

Yo! My name is Vinh Nguyen (@akidnamedvinh), and this is my lookbook submission. I took on this project with the help of my two good friends Zion (@zrfreeman) and Sehun (sehun_han). For this lookbook, we realized that whether we win or lose, we had a lot of fun, created some amazing things, and learned a lot. P.S. I had no idea the pictures had to be compressed to under 2.1 MB to upload until I went to submit. bruh

For this project, we took a dive into Sehun's closet. He's an avid sneakerhead, and along with that some a good sense of street style. We took a few pieces from his closet that we thought would match our planned locations well. The pieces were the Raised by Wolves Facemask, Supreme x North Face Steep Tech Jacket, Supreme Hooded Hockey Top, Nike 2012 USA Olympic Medal Stand Windbreaker, and Ultra Boosts LTD "Tan Cream". Our locations were scattered throughout Los Angeles, and included Weller Court, Slauson Metro Station, and a rooftop that Sehun scouted for this project.

The first pieces we shot were the Raised by Wolves Facemask and the Supreme x North Face Steep Tech Jacket. These shots were on the rooftop scouted by Sehun, with an amazing view of the LA skyline.  The technical aspects of the jacket are well-suited for city life, and we felt like the asymmetry of the jacket paired well with the asymmetry of the LA skyline. The pictures give off an urban ninja vibe, and to be honest, with the jacket and facemask, you'd definitely be a ninja.






The next piece that we shot was the Nike 2012 USA Olympic Medal Stand Windbreaker. To be honest, I still remember how hard I fanboyed the first time Sehun pulled this out of his closet. A rare and coveted piece, you'd be lucky to find it for under $700. The entire jacket is covered in 3M. Because of that, we decided not to use any harsh lighting. Instead, we let the lighting of the different locations (Slauson Station and the rooftop) highlight and change the "color" of the jacket.





The next piece we shot was the Supreme Hooded Hockey Top. 90% of this jacket is a very clean white, complemented by red and blue stripes and a unique drawstring system. We felt that a simple piece like this would be highlighted by a well-lit location, and Weller Court did the job. 




The last piece we shot was the Ultra Boost LTD "Tan Cream".  There's something to be said about the simplicity of changing a shoe's overall color and it becoming a million times better looking. A pretty coveted piece by sneakerheads and sneaker enjoyers alike, the clean colorway was brought to life by the unique lighting at Weller Court. 






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