Lucas Scott

Melbourne, Australia



Experimental Image-Making: Creating Striking Images with Scanner Glitch Distortions

The texture has done some cool things and when I sapped the image of colour I got a cool pattern which reminds me of reflective materials at night time.

Hoping to use this technique in more of my work as I've always been keen on using glitch graphics. I'm also very keen on pattern development and after doing my first glitch I see a lot of potential for more cool abstract and unpredictable patterns. Really appreciate the course Geni. Glad I came across all your tutorials on Skillshare.

Original Pattern; beanbag bought from Urban Outfitters (one of 4):


Glitched pattern; used multiple directional and speed techniques described in the tutorials:


Glitched pattern (refined); used filters like hue/saturation, brightness/contrast etc. to create this graphic:



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