Experiment with color

Experiment with color - student project

I love this class.  There is so much to know and practice with.  Thank you for going through it all in such a detailed and orderly way.

I decided to start with monochrome - red

Experiment with color - image 1 - student project

This is the page I painted to go with this palette.

Experiment with color - image 2 - student project

On the 6th I decided to try a monochromatic scheme again, this time using orange which happens to be my very favorite color.

Experiment with color - image 3 - student project

Today I decided to go for a monochromatic scheme in green, which is not my favorite color.  I started with the background but now I wished I hadn't.  I may try it again tomorrow without the background.  It became really complicated and I'm not using the best paints for that kind of thing.

Experiment with color - image 4 - student project

I didn't try the grapes again.  This time I went for yellow but didn't want to paint more fruit so I chose balls.  The technique is different and I never know what it will be until I'm almost done so this is what it turned out to be.  Yellow balls.  Monochromatic again.

Experiment with color - image 5 - student project

Next I used a monochromatic scheme of Blue.  I like this one.

Experiment with color - image 6 - student project

Next is going to be purple I think.  I just want to understand colors and go slowly with them.  I'm so awful at combining colors.  Seeing everyone's work really helps.

Here is my purple painting.  I can't present purple without dedicating it to my daughter who put up a most courageous fight for life and who didn't let cancer define or destroy her to her last breath but kept her spirit and soul above it and blessed all who knew her.  She would love what I'm doing and how I'm letting color back into my life.

Experiment with color - image 7 - student project

I am learning to use my scanner and so I am updating my pictures with smaller cleaner pictures.

Today I practiced more monochromatic scheme using only brown.

Experiment with color - image 8 - student project

Today is black.  I have really enjoyed this part of the project and am ready to begin using more than one color.

Experiment with color - image 9 - student project

Hanna McCown
artist illustrator designer author