Experiences from my very first internship

Experiences from my very first internship - student project

Without giving it a second thought, I dived in doing internship immediately in my first year’s summer break. I had absolutely no idea what it takes to do a real job.

It was moreover me liking the idea of going to office, sitting on my own desk, sipping coffee and throwing orders. Since childhood my favorite game was to act out various roles. One day I was a talented orthopedic (didn’t even understand at that time what it means, but sounded fancy to me), while sometimes a shining celebrity, hairdresser and what not!


Luckily for me, I paved my way into a good agency where I wasn’t the stereotypical intern. Working under someone can get unbearable, but sometimes you learn discipline. I am not that dominating individual or a vain one for that matter, thus I rode along with it. The fact that I was working under someone blinded me to a point that I forgot I did have my own voice. It was during the initial days of my internship when I found myself following exactly what I was told to, no counter-questioning, approving everything without whining and boom, the reality check bomb explodes yet again.

I realized I was a labourer here.

I am a designer, and I do have my own ideas, and if I don’t voice out now then when? People often get scared to speak out their ideas in front of their colleagues or their boss.

I feel there are a zillion ideas which perish, unknown and ever-forgotten only because they couldn’t wriggle their way from your brain till the mouth.


I know many of us are not good at maintaining one, even I wasn’t, until I had ‘mid internship crisis’. I was unable to manage time wisely. I was a huge mess stressing and fretting over petty things. Henceforth, I was enforced to adapt this habit by my boss. When you begin your work, listing the tasks is the best habit you could pick up. Keep a goal of cancelling out maximum entries out of them, and trust me, it will do wonders


The internship was literally and figuratively opening my eyes and gaze at what was reality. I was too scared to accept my flaws, I couldn’t contradict my resume. I would look like a fool, I thought. After learning and kerning and stacking and slabbing, knowing the weights and the padding, I realized how little I knew about the plethora of design softwares. I wish I had told them earlier. So be brutally honest, never lie on your CV. Tell people, “I don’t know how to do this” because, boy, you will get into deep troubles if you commit sins like these.


In the creative field, don’t expect others to be in your favor instantly. If everyone likes it, there are 99% chances that they’re faking it. Another important thing I learnt was that it’s good to have a concept, but if you don’t convince the person that it’s the best one then it’s of no use. Marketing is the golden skill you should posses in any field. You should know your work in and out, inside and outside.


Last but not the least, before you begin your internship, write a few questions you would like to ask your future self. It can be about the goals you want to achieve throughout the internship. Make sure you keep checking them off as you advance. If the internship is not fulfilling your purpose or satisfying your mind, then it’s of little use. See if you’re having second thoughts about pursuing the internship, go ahead, give it some time. Evaluate where you are wrong. If it is going to take more efforts to mend the errs, then see that you do not dither from walking away.

We millennial expect things to be around us the way we imagine them to be. No, your boss won’t be as brutal as Miranda Priestly or as charming as Anne Hathaway. You won’t be The Girl in the city. But you’ll surely have your own share of ups and downs, villains and heroes. You just have to make your version the best.

I can’t be more grateful to all the awesome sauce people I was awarded the opportunity to work with. I’m glad that I didn’t opt to spend my summer lazing around as a couch potato. Also a huge thanks to all the people who pushed me, yelled at me and though I had given up, still believed in me!