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Experience the Pacific Northwest.

This past weekend a group of friends and I ventured to the Oregon Coast. We went to a place called Canon Beach where we explored the high altitudes in search of unique views. As a result, we captured some pretty cool photographs and became closer as friends through the awesome experience. 

The photo I chose for this project is one that I cherish not only because of the amazing view but also the effort it took to get up that high. Once up there the feelings I felt were inexplicable and I hope to transmit that through the picture.  

I shot the photo using the VSCOcam app on my LG G3 Android smartphone. This allowed me to have better control over the exposure and capture the detail in the ocean waves as well as that of the ground and my subject. 

This is the original photo. 

The next thing I did was import the photo to Snapseed. In this app I added contrast and brightness to the subject and the ground using the Selective Adjust tool. This helped the detail stant out a little more in the vegetation and on my friends backpack.

Option 1: Black and White. This had lower contrast and added shadow detail. I wanted to have an old feeling to it. 

Option 2: The Darker edit. I really liked this one because of the darker feeling it has when I look at it. The colors even tho they are darker they kinda pop a little more in the ocean. However some of the detail in the ground gets lost. 

Option 3: Final lighter edit. On this one I was able to bring out the detail in the ground vegetation and maintain the color of the whole scene. The ocean still has a nice color and my friends is clearly visible. This photo brought me joy and excitement as well as a feeling of peace and serenity. I believe this final picture really expresses all those feelings. 

This is the Instagram cropped version. If you'd like to see more if my adventures that day find me at: instagram.com/theseventhowl Thanks for looking! 


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