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Experience Life: Through Personal Growth, Sport, and Fitness



Like me, you may have figured out that life is about being grateful for what you have, yet you’re striving to become a better version of yourself.

Your starting to slowly Create experiences rather then just buying that big screen T.V.


Realizing the impact and life lessons that can be learned through sport not only as individuals, but also as a nation is something you may appreciate.


You also have come to the conclusion that life’s experiences are better enjoyed while one is healthy and fit and able to fully take in and participate in all of its wonders.

Now not all these ideas may resonate with you on the same level, however I’m sure one or two strike a cord deep inside.

Lastly you understand all this knowing that everything is a learning experience, every success and every failure which is leading you closer to, if I dare say to a happier life.

You and I are both here to learn and discuss topics dealing with personal development, the wild world of sport, and how we can live a healthier and fitter life.

Lets enjoy the ride!

Material or Experience: It's Your Choice, It's You're Life

Material objects come and go, experiences can stay with you a lifetime.

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Do you remember the 3 big screen T.V.'s you bought or do you remember your kids first fish?



  • Sharing with the community how personal growth can lead to richer life experiences.
  • Through years of fitness and sport coaching I want to express to the community the wonderful lessons true sport has to offer.
  • Also demonstrate the accuracy of the matra "Life is better experienced fit!"


  • Developing fitness programs through online personal training.Also fitness, personal development, and sport life lessons informational material which will help them break through any physical and mental barriers obstructing their life experiences.

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