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Experience, Create and Communicate with Art

We want to create an art studio/store front to teach "non-artists" how they can experience and appreciate art, create a piece using different mediums and communicate with each other through their artwork.  A great number of people have only experienced creating art in grammar school and we want to open up their minds to the value and emotional healing that art can be for them.

We want to market to a diverse community in Orlando area.

My partners, Rafael & Dalma, include an artist and administrator with experience in non-profits and grant writing. They are both from Puerto Rico. I am an HR Director, gifted in teaching and come alive when creating artwork. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and do not speak any spanish. We currently all work together for an Human Resource Outsourcing company. 

We will hold "one-time" art classes where the participants create their own piece based on one model piece of work that the teacher creates in steps for them. It's an open studio environment where they can bring drinks, snacks, have fun and meet people.  The classes will be priced on the type of medium used, such as an acrylic canvas, jewelry piece,etc.

We intend to invite local artists to come in and create a piece in front of the audience. At the end, we will draw a name to win the piece. Admission fee will be charged. The guest artist could also display some the work they have for sale that night.  This would give artists a place to get their art seen and teach the particpants about different forms of art thata is being created.  

We would like to apply for any available grants that would let us "scholarship" students. 


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