Experience #1

Experience #1 - student project

Today, I noticed that I am not good enough to write what I need to write. Today, I noticed that I must start to work more on my writing skills and improve it as soon as possible. In the past, I was trying do write as good as I can but today, I realized that was not enough. In a meeting with my boss, as a friend he mentioned that, if I want to continue my career with the agency I work for, of course nothing threatening, I should find some on line writing skills course and do it for myself. In the moment he said that, I was a bit worried and I have started asking myself what is really going on. I am a bit worried because I work for this agency for one year, I am coming from the country which is not English native speaking area, I learned my English in school, but he has never complained about my writing skills. I wrote a thousand and thousands of emails and huge number of minutes from different meetings, and of course all of them have been cleared by his deputy who is from UK. But I have to say that, every time, the deputy cleared my drafts, were a minor change in terms of text form or some others.

Today, when I got this info from my boss, I realized that all I need to do is to find someone who is English native speaker, who is good with grammar and who can lead me and correct my writings. So, I checked on internet and found this Skill share website and decide to start the course. At the end, what I need to mentioned is that grammar is a big challenge for me. Many people I have been talked with, who come from the English-speaking area, say that they don’t use grammar to much. They just write how they used to do it and how they speak. I am not a professor and I can’t evaluate their writing skills but what I need to do is to find someone who doesn’t know me, who can properly evaluate my writing skills and at the end to teach me how to use knowledge and whatever is necessary to improve it as soon as possible.