Expectationless doodling

This project is an experiment to get loose and have fun with doodling. Without any expectations on the outcome...

Sometimes I am creative, sometimes I'm not and I must confess that I love to do very quick doodles in less than 5 Minutes.

And that is how the first one was done: just what came into my mind right onto paper. Fun thing to do!

Day 1: ODOR


Day 2:

Ähem, I was so keen on doodling, that I did not notice that there are new words. But however I had to doodle Masai!! Why? Maybe you need the additional information that here in Germany a "Maas" is a mug of beer, that contains a litre. Ay, Prosit!


So now the right version of Day 2:

A drawing as a kid (maybe one of my kids) would like to doodle:

Of course a fewest, that is a forrest with only a few trees


Day 3:

I agree that doodling is a very good way to start working. But for me the best time to doodle is the evening, when I have seen so many strange things in the day, that have to be doodled to get the mind clear.

Today: A trappist = a therapist with very efficient and fast solutions


Day 4: ok, lets try some new things, colors, action, drawing things you can't see.

The word is FLUSTERED. Did you know that "flüstern" the german word for whispering? So of course, Flustered is what happens when the weird stuff arrives at your ear with this strange tickling, when someone whispers in your ear.


Day 5: today I learned a new word: a BLENNOID is a slimefish. I swear, I met this guy last week at work!


Day 6: Insinuation. This means the moment, when you can feel your sinus paranasales being attacked by virals from that person with the bad cold that just sneezed right at you.


I hate these weeks when I have no time at all. But I keep on keeping on and here is Day 7:

Jumble  = you know that moment, when you want to jump but stumble.


Day 8: no, I didn't give up, here is my doodle of today. I must confess, I still struggle with my english vocabulary. So what is a HUMERI CONDESCENDING? Maybe I should have looked the words up, but I didn't and like the result. Maybe you should know, that Hummer is the german word for lobster ;)






When I saw the random words, I remembered an article about old vehicles to fly with in the newspaper. So this doodle has become a little different from the others.


Thank you very much, Rich, for 10 days with much fun and new ideas for starting my work or evening with doodles! :)


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