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Expect the Unexpected!

Okay, so I learned one big thing from this experience: expect the unexpected. First I didn't realize I'd want the most expensive yarn in the store (despite my repeated attempts to put it back, it ended up coming home with me...). Then I learned that my naturally tight grip meant my yarn did this crazy bunching thing. And then when it came time to decide the length, my dad asked if it could be HIS present, which I would've never guessed. Although we'll see if he actually uses it...!


I ended up using Yarn Bee brand Fireside super bulky yarn in Niagara color. The package called for 6mm/US 10 needles, but knowing from my crochet experience that I have a tight stitch, I bought some 9mm/US 13 needles instead. 

Here's what that weird bunching problem looks like. I haven't worked with any speciality yarns before, so I dealt with this by just shoving it further and further down the working yarn. Occasionally the yarn would "snap", and instantly fray, so I'd have to work it back in like a new color or knot the frayed ends back together. 

I also had a handful of place where the yarn got unruly, but I was able to go back and work those pieces in/trim them off.

And here's the finished piece! My dad makes a great model, don't you think?

(He did let me know that the scarf doubles as a great travel pillow!)


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