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Exotic Fruit Salad

Hello fellow surface pattern design lovers! Wow what a fabulous class!! I have loved watching all the videos! And the quotes throughout were just what I needed to hear! I hesitated to show my process. Seeing such wonderful projects already posted. But the quotes made me realise there is a space for mine and to not compare myself to anyone else. Thank you Bonnie! And wow, since doing this course my eyes are open to all the patterns out there. I knew there were alot of patterns but its like im seeing everything so differently now. I love it!! Patterns are so fab!

Here is what I have so far. My mood/ inspiration board. My 6 year old is doing indonesian at school and loves to tell me all about the fruit they have in indonesia. His favorites are rambutans which started a discussion all about exotic fruits all over the world and different fruit than what we usually have in the fruitbowl. So I decided I wanted to do a fruity pattern. 

I found a photo of a gorgeous platter of beautiful bright fruits and knew I had to use this as my colour palette. 

I have done a heap of fruity sketches (will upload as soon as I have a few free minutes, as I have a sleeping baby on me currently, multitasking mama!) but had a play around with the live trace function in illustrator while im here. I LOVE it! I dont think I want to use it in this pattern but definately want to do this in other projects!

Here are my fruity sketches. contemplating adding a fun face to some of them...

And They are digitised!! I did most of the work on my ipad and transfered over to illustrator to finish up.

Dont really love all the colour combos on these. But they are coloured!! Hurrah! Now to start my pattern! 

Here is my first go... not liking the colours. Or how it looks so im going to start again. 

Screen shot of the updated pattern, much happier with this! Colours seem less harsh and is flowing nice. But everytime i tile the pattern to test it and see how it is, but my computer freaks out everytime and barely runs when i do it. 


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