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My story is about a young girl on a journey through space. Her father helps operate their ship, along with a small crew, and they're leaving Earth and heading toward a new planet colony. The girl's mother is on the colony planet, along with a team of scientists helping to terraform it and prepare it for its first arrivals.

The little girl misses her mother and can't wait to finally see her again after so many years. Every night, she draws a new picture of her journey and her family, and puts it up on her wall. Her drawings have littered her room. One day, she finds that her latest drawing has no place in her room (too many drawings already!), so she makes her way to her father in the cockpit and gives it to him.

Tugging on the hem of his uniform, she shows it to him. The drawing is of him and her, atop a rocket, heading toward a planet with her mother standing atop it. It's not the first time he's seen her draw this same image, but his heart aches all the same. He smiles that same reassuring smile he always gives her when she presents a new drawing, the smile that tells her, 'Don't worry, we'll be there soon.' He seems to mean it this time.

As if on cue, their tender moment is interrupted by flash on the control board, followed by flashing lights blinking on and off around the ship. They're approaching their landing point. Panicked, the little girl grips her father, who hurriedly straps her into a nearby seat. She reaches out to him and he, again, assures her that they're almost home. In a cacophanous mixture of light, dust, and noise, they enter the atmosphere and finally land. As the door of the ship yawns open, a suited team comes out to greet the new—the first—arrivals. They're escorted into a biodome, including the little girl and her father.

She finally reunites with her mother. Her mother shows her daughter and husband around the biodome, highlighting all the hard work she's done to make this place a home. But later, as they settle in for the night, the little girl settles into an old routine that truly makes this new place a home—she draws a picture of her, her mother, and her father, together at last.

The story was inspired by this song, "Exogenesis Part 3: Redemption" by Muse, and I actually imagine it set to the song itself. When I'm done I'd like to create an animatic set to the song. 

If you've read this far, thank you! I'm sorry for the lack of pictures for now, but I will have them soon.


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