Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design



Exited Ink & Watercolour Interior Sketches Secrets .... new class I'm working on

Hi, this class is fab. The thing is my classes are about sewing, - project making stuff, and they don't have fancy titles, fancy descriptions with those big nice money words, and hey, my results in classes are not so fab.
So I did start filming a new class, and I'm going step by step with you and trying making better descriptions and better fancier titles, I even did make tags on totally new way (I never didn't think about tags like that).
But the big challenge is how to make those purple cow....thanks for this, I think I will always thing differently now on my projects, but to really get it, it's maybe to big wish.
But hey, my class is starting on a better way they usually....and I will see if the results will be better than usually, after I will publish it. Or maybe not, because watercolour is different topic then sewing DIY class.



Update2: Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Do you have any suggestions what I could improve? I can't improve my English, but maybe you could see with fresh eyes this video differently and I would like to get some feedback, what I could improve.

My biggest wish was to be inspirational with this video, and to get students easier to enroll. I did want to show that's this sketches are simple to make, so I did include fast forward, to see what you will get in a class later.


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