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Ella Birt

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ExistentialElla.com - Personal Development Blog


Greetings fellow bloggers!

I'm Ella Birt, aka Existential Ella, a personal development blogger and Transformational Coach. My blog is used to show my expertise in personal development & healthy relationships, leadership and building passive, or location independent income sources. These topics fall under the umbrella topic of creating deeper meaning in your life, and carving your own path to happiness.

This class has been great so far in helping me organize my thoughts, and put my writing into logical categories. I still have lots of work to do! My blog is fairly new. I used to have a blog revolving around Etsy, and fashion, but it wasn't my true calling.

QUESTION: Can my front page, and other pages, be written copywriting/marketing style, and my blog can be journalistic?? Should I create a website under a separate URL for my copy/marketing stuff, and link to the personal development blog - leaving the blog not about sales?

My three pillars are - personal development, business, and leadership (or so I think, for now). Are these too general?

BTW - the main photo here was created in Canva.com - recommended by Andrea in the discussions section. AWESOME site! Thanks Andrea!



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