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Here there everybody! I need this class. I'm in a bit of a branding quagmire.

I have 3 domain names - existentialella.com, existentialendeavors.com and heatherbirt.com

I have 2 Etsy shops. My main shop sells bohemian wrap bracelets and friendship bracelets, ExistentialElla.etsy.com - The other shop sells vintage new age, conspiracy, natural health, history books - TheAstralLibrary.etsy.com

The ExistentialElla.com site has historically had a bunch of fashion related posts with interesting names like Dopplegang This, Coven-Worthy, 90s Obsession and Gender Rebel. I also feature an Etsy Shop of the Week. It has a hipster, bohemian vibe. The tagline is "for dreamers, mystics, time travelers and free spirits."

I also teach a Skillshare class - Etsy: Smart & Simple.

My passion in life is personal development. I started writing about personal development, emotional wellness topics on the ExistentialEndeavors.com site, but recently merged it with my ExistentialElla.com site. I don't know if they all fit together, but I may be able to find a common thread with this class!

I've also started two projects on GiveIt100.com, which I am bloggin about on ExistentialElla.com. 100 Days of Tarot Journaling, and 100 Days of Evolving my Etsy shop, Skillshare class & blog. http://Giveit100.com/@existentialella

Fingers-crossed, thinking-cap on!!

RESEARCH TIME! So many audiences, OR one very diverse audience????


UPDATE 1/17/14

I am hoping this class will somehow get a boom of participation all of sudden, and we will all sing happy tunes together! I've tried to comment on several posts here, and in my own class I'm teaching, but for the past two days my comments disappear as soon as I click submit. Sorry to everyone whom I really wish to encourage! I've reported the issue, and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

I've made great progress reading all of the articles, doing secondary research on what's already out there and brainstorming my gut feelings, personality and the big question - What problem am I solving?

I've boiled it down to this question - How do I create deeper meaning in my day to day life?

I'm currently using http://existentialella.com as my home base blog. Many of the categories I have blogged about in the past fit under the "creating meaning" umbrella.

My next step is to create survey questions and a survey, determine who will receive the survey, and send it out to them.  I will also post the survey to Tumblr and Twitter, offering an incentive to participate (TBD).

I've completed brainstorming who my audience is, and what they like, do, need, wear, listen to, watch and eat. I have a good idea of who I will give a survey to, interview and who will be invited to my focus groups. These activities will all take place over the next two weeks. I will them organize the results and analyze!

I may want to hire, or barter with a graphic designer or professional web designer to determine my color palette, typography and logo. I am enrolled in a Photoshop, and basic web design class here though, so maybe I can pull off a miracle on my own!

During this branding process, I am going to begin to create content in line with my new vision, including photos and videos that support my message and have a cohesive look.

Overall, I want my main business right now to be blogging, with my Etsy shop and class on Skillshare included as ways to create meaning or share meaning with others. I will develop my content into ebooks, videos, speaking engagements, and learning materials on how to create deeper meaning, and personal growth, in your life through purposeful action, introspection and giving to others.


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