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Ella Birt

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Existential Ella - Meaning Isn't Found, It's Created

Hi there! I'm Ella Birt of Existential Ella. My business is blogging, speaking and selling related materials.

My blog is for people who love personal development, strive to create deeper meaning in their lives through introspection and active participation in their worlds. I write about how meaning is created, not just found. The problem I want to solve for others is how to create meaning intentionally, how to understand perception vs. reality (and the ways in which they are one and the same), and how to spot when meaning is being "sold" to us. By truly understanding how meaning is created through perception and experience, I will assist others in developing a deeper relationship with themselves and others, creating a more positive daily experience and increased success.

There are many personal development blogs out there, but the unique aspect of Existential Ella is me. I want to present a down-to-earth, empathetic, logical yet spiritual vibe. I will use life experience, and education, to share my own challenges, interview others, and delve deeply into the creation of meaning. My blog titles won't include "the top 5 things you can..." or "click to find out what's inside." My front page won't be an ad for my e-book.

I am virtually unknown, but have a few connections in the personal development blogging world. I haven't done any networking, as I am currently attempting to re-brand my blog (it was a fashion blog related to my etsy shop with only dashes of my true purpose throughout), do some intense web design, and create a solid blog calendar based on my branding statement.

Business Model

I work from home. I have equipment to create a professional website, podcasts, videos, ebooks and related course materials.

For now, it's just me. I am the content creator, photographer, videographer, web designer, marketer and philosopher.

My customers are people who currently feel somewhat helpless in changing their lives. They don't feel they have a deep connection to anything, or they desire something deeper. Maybe they are lost, maybe they don't have a support system. I will show them how they can create meaning in their daily routine, and how meaning has been created for them - effecting how their choices and beliefs about themselves and the world. I will tailor speaking engagements and programs towards various age groups, and special circumstances (gender education, LGBTQ, empathy training, general meaning and purpose discussion facilitation).

The hard part for me is that I am only one person. I am also a person who has a hard time asking others for anything. I don't have any funding backing me, and I am working on preparing myself for this 7 days a week. I've been very nervous to put myself out there, and that is truly the essence of what I need to do, and what I want to share. Ahh, the irony.

On to look at the Business Canvas Model and watch the second grouping of videos!!


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