Exercises for Mike Butkus class!

I'm really happy to joined this class, because it helped me a lot.
I've always wanted to create monsters or use watercolors, but I really didn't know where to start. 
I want to show you my progress and every critiques are really appreciated!
Oh and sorry, I know that I don't write well english >_<!

This is the first draw that I do for this class:

I used this references that I've found on google:

It's only for do some exercise!

Then, I've tried to do this.
When I've started to draw her, I've wanted to do old fantasy or something like that ( recently I've watche The Lord of the Rings and played Dragon Age so... ), but then I wanted to draw a gun... so, now we have a steampunk ogre.

Now, I'm trying to color it with watercolors! For now, I'm here:

I've finish her!
I've used too much blue... 


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