Exercises and final project

Exercises and final project - student project

Thank you for this great class! I really enjoyed it! The different exercises are great for relieving stress and they give me a peace of mind that I have been missing for several days now.


Self portrait with non dominant hand (the right one for me).

My first self-portrait expresses quite well my state of mind, made with frustration and dissatisfaction about «  not being perfect » or « not drawing as well as I would like », etc.  

To draw with the right hand, allowed me to let go some of these bad feelings. :) And i quite like my blue snood and my headphone ^_^. 

Exercises and final project - image 1 - student project


Self portrait with closed eyes

Much more joyful here! I like the smiles and the colors.

Exercises and final project - image 2 - student project


Final project

I kept the smile, the closed eyes and the bright colors, as they correspond to my feelings. I’m happy with the result and above all, i enjoyed the process and feel refilled with good vibes. 

Exercises and final project - image 3 - student project