Exercise in a Sustainable way for my Joints

In high school I was extremely fit. Lifted heavy for 3 years. Tennis since I was 8. In high school I played tennis probbaly 15 hours a week year round. I always had joint pain though. I'm flat footed and my doctor says that's the reason I have knee tendonitis. Over pronation. My serve in tennis was always affected by my lack of shoulder flexibility. I'd always have to make up for my weak serve by running around the court like a man on a mission, wearing opponents down physically. Well all of that wore ME down physically. Tennis+lifting heavy = dead knees/sometimes bum shoulder. I'd pop ibuprofens to ignore the pain and keep chugging along, because when we're young we think we're invincible, right? (I'm 22 so I'm still young but I sure as hell don't feel invincible anymore. I feel old and achey.)

In college I lifted for about half of freshman year, but my lifting buddy from high school and I got super busy (excuses I know). Plus since I wasn't on a team with people depending on me anymore, I started thinking that there's no reason to sacrifice my body and put it through the pain. So laziness is what took me away from a life of fitness. Laziness to find a way to lift/play tennis/run(I love running but distances over 2 miles definitely bug my knees) in a sustainable way for my joints.

So here is my project. To improve my joint health/flexibility and to some time in 2013 finally find a sustainable way for me to get back to lifting. Lifting heavy. Back to playing tennis a lot. Back to being able to put on my running shoes and run and feel the breeze just for fun, without having to worry about various joint pain.

Not quite sure how to make this measurable. I guess I would say be able to lift heavy, play tennis 2-3 times a week and/or run 2-3 times/week without my knees bursting/my shoulder tightening up like crazy.


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