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Exercise in Style

I chose to work on a cover for Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau > http://monoskop.org/images/4/49/Queneau_Raymond_Exercises_in_Style_pp_1-26.pdf

It's a compilation of 99 versions of a very simple and ordinary plot, each in a different style. The book turns out to be a guide to literary forms and the result is very virtuous, yet funny at the same time.

I decided to work on a purely type cover, since the book relies entirely on a play with letters and words. It's all about language.

My proposal translates the variations of literary forms in differente typefaces. It can also be understood as a literal graphic interpretation of the title. The white cells containing each letter are a reference to the plot versions and to typewriter letter keys. Colors are a direct reference to France, the country of origin of the text.


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