Exercise for health ( or, How Befky Fought an Epic Battle and Kicked The Misery Monster's Arse)

This time last year I was fighting a difficult battle with the depression monster. Having received a power up over Christmas from actually seeing friends for the first time in a long time, I was able to retreat briefly and formulate a new plan. A cunning plan. An exercise plan.

It was a three-pronged strategy: besiege the bastard with endorphins and starve him into surrender; shore up defences both short term and long term and improve my alarm system against future invasions; and, when the epic, final confrontation came, slay the foul beast once and for all.

The campaign was a success, although it took a good four or five months before I felt confident in declaring myself victorious. My cowardly enemy, alas, escaped through unknown passage ways during our siege and remains unslain to this day, but fortunately he has been greatly weakened by the whole experience. He still sends raiding parties from time to time, checking for weaknesses, but I can defend against these little attacks relatively easily. However, now that exercise is no longer required to fight, it has allowed more mundane things to take over. Attempts to bring it back into service with the challenge of making me look hot have failed, as they have always done (it's not a miracle worker!) so now I need to go back to my planning, my cunning planning....

(The instructions said be creative! I seem to have got carried away lol.)

My goals for this year then:

1 Do exercise for me, to make me feel good, to keep me healthy both physically and mentally, to make me feel like I could win in a fight or run away fast enough if I'm losing, to make me feel like I could survive in a zombie apocalypse/period of civil unrest ( taxes are about to go through the roof).

2 Eat more fruit and veg! I tracked my eating habits last week and it's all mostly crap. Time to call on Captain Healthy Diet to set up a crime fighting duo with Exercise.

3 Drink more water. I really don't drink enough at all. In fact, very often it doesn't even cross my mind until late evening and I realise I haven't drunk anything all day! Although, recenctly I have been fulfilling my destiny as a Brit and succumbing to the comforting, restorative charms of a nice cup of tea..So better than nothing right?

The main thing is that last year I succeeded because the emphasis was on looking after myself and exercising for health, not weight loss. As soon as I try to lose weight I get all stressed and unhappy about it, so the solution is to not have that as a goal, just as an inevitable bonus of looking after myself :)

Sorry this is so long, if you're still reading, thank you!


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