Exercise 1

  1. What is your primary goal in becoming a programmer? I want to learn programming as a means to complement my businesses, as well as to have another avenue to create an income from. I don't see myself going to work for an employer, but rather as a freelancer if I decide to work for someone else.
  2. What is the timeframe you would like to complete your training and obtain your first job? I don't really have any specific timeframe. I prefer to learn at my own pace, being that I'm retired and receiving a small amount of money from Social Security.
  3. Do you already have some training as a programmer? Yes, COBOL, Visual Basic and Visual Studio
  4. What do you think will be your biggest challenge in completing your training? Getting training that I can understand and complete will most likely be my biggest challenge. I've studied various courses on programming and all of them have their weaknesses and deficiencies. I understand and realize that probably the best way to learn this is to register for courses at my local community college, because online and home study courses leave much to be desired. Even Mircrosoft's training for their own software is written for someone who is already a developer and beyond the scope of the average person to understand and learn from. However, I would still prefer learning from home versus going to a college campus for financial reasons, at least at this point in time.