Exercise 1

Exercise 1 - student project

Exercise 1

My perspective and person I don't like’s perspective


My Perspective


I am walking into starbucks on the morning of the first day of my summer vacation.  Not too many people in here today i think to myself as I approach the counter.  “I think I’ll  have a latte”,  I say to the barista.  “One  grande latte or whatever size you guys call it here”.  As he was making the latte I turned and looked around the room.  Only a few people here.  My gaze wandered across the faces.  On person was turned away from me, but that hair, oh no that hair.  I didnt think this guy ever got out of the house let alone down here to the coffee shop.  How could he even order anything he was so incredibly stupid.  But here he was, or rather here he is, I hope he doesn’t see me.  I will have to say something. I did live with him  for several years after all.  


“One latte comin up”  said the barista.  I turned back and grabbed my latte and walked out of the coffee shop.  Or at least i tried to.  “Wait sir..” said the barista,” you haven't paid for that”, he yelled loudly. “ Of course I have... I paid before you made the darned thing” I said back at him.


“Oh” he murmured, “sorry, I’m new here”.  I turned back away and as I turned my eye caught the eye of the dreaded man in the corner.  Oh crud

  He’s seen me.


Dawn, as he is called, looked at me with bleary eyes, that  brightened as he recognized me.  He was about to say something.  I took charge of the situation. “ Dawn, my good man”I said, walking over to him.  “Dawn my good man.  How are how are you?  It’s been a really long time”

His Perspective


I was sitting there minding my own business and drinking this wonderful cup of coffee.  I had put in a shot of whisky that I kept hidden in my pocket.  It made the coffee taste better.  I didn’t usually come down here to Starbucks, but I had received a gift card from the housing coordinator.  A man called Aaron.  I was surprised by my clarity of thinking today.  I don't usually think this clearly.  It must be the whisky.  I heard someone come into the shop  and order a latte.  The voice sounded familiar but I quickly forgot about it as I took another drink.  Then I heard a shout. “ You have to pay for that sir”,  said the barista.  I looked up from my cup and noticed someone who looked very familiar arguing with the barista.  Who could that be.  Could it… oh i think it is… my dearest friend, Sean.  That guy I lived with for all those years.  He used to take me to the doctor and to the store to get beer.  I muttered hello as loudly as I could.  A mutter was all I could manage, the whisky was getting to me.  Oh yes he noticed me.  

“Hello hello, dawn my good man, hello my good man” he said as he walked over to my table.  He always said the funniest things.  Now he was acting British.  Oh what a trip this guy was.  


“Oh Sean” i said,”I know we've had our troubles, but I’m so glad to see you.”

“Don't worry about it” he said, ”You only got me kicked out of my housing and put me on the street.”

Oh dear I thought... now he was getting angry.

“I’m sorry Sean, I would have been caught with that marijuana if it hadn’t been for you.”

“You hid it it my room, and…”