Exercise 1 and 2

A warm welcome and suddenly I am moving

She kisses my lips and I let her

We walk together, upright

I know where I'm going, but does she?

Both of our fires rise and spread

Looking up, we smile

Her light burns my feet and I run

Never daring to stop



Stepping through the automatic doors, I witness travelers in transition--anxious and excited I wheel my two large suitcases to the check-in stand to join them, but not before I look up and see my father's face.


The flight attendant's voice announcing arrival information washes away as I stare at the raindrops splattered on my little window, my folded hands placed on my lap and my shoeless feet curling for warmth.


I sit criss-cross on my queen sized undressed bed surrounded by damp black suitcases, four blue walls, lazy chipped furniture and two big windows to remind me of nightfall and I think to myself "now what".