Exercise #1: Sensory Detail

Exercise #1: Sensory Detail - student project

Tendrils of all encompassing darkness sprung from the ground that overlooked the insignificant town that could scarcely be called a village in its current state of disrepair. Roofing had begun to experience a state of spontaneous decay so horrendous that even the rabid raccoons had deemed them unfit for shelter from the constantly changing seasons. Unwavering were the closed-minded opinions of the townspeople below full of judgment pertaining to anything remotely unique from their own limited understanding. Mountaintops cast complex shadows that expanded across the monstrous scenery beneath, their arduous terrain just scarcely visible to the human eye. Yet something even more unusual stood out among the alarming visuals below, something that instantly made the emotional landscape kinder, dare one say surprisingly peaceful.


Brilliant celestials seemed to stretch on for miles beneath the dusky shades of azure and lavender that expanded overhead, immersing the landscape below in a luminous afterglow. Luna danced gracefully untouched by darkness and unaffected by the ineptitude of the individuals roaming the decrepit streets beneath. One could drink from this empyrean for all eternity and still be unable to feel completely satiated by the elegance so graciously offered to them. The existence below that was so devoid of color seemed to take on a whole new significance when paired with the vault of heaven above. Oh how he longed to touch those sparkling lights that stood out among the darkness, to be free from the prison he had learned to call his home.


And one day...he would.