Exercise 01: Case Study

Exercise 01: Case Study - student project

For my first exercise i've decided to analize one of the two italian illustrators i admire the most in terms of style and for the way they're approaching to the illustration field.


The first one is Olimpia Zagnoli. What i like the most from her is that is capable of translating complex concepts with simple and bold shapes in a very impacting way. Very strong palette and an orientation towards design and fashion.


Exercise 01: Case Study - image 1 - student project


I know Fernando since the beginning of his career and i admire how he's been able to made a lot of research and exercise, turning his simple drawings towards extremely poetic and effective professional illustrations for magazines, newspapers and brands. Poetic, intimate and naive: that's what i love about Fernando's work.


Exercise 01: Case Study - image 2 - student project


I've made the same exercise using some of my latest works. I'm trying to be more consistent and versatile in terms of themes and subjects. I was extremely focused just on homosexual couples and hairy men, which i think is not a bad thing, but i was quite frustrated because i felt limitated and categorized in a specific field, that is more for private commissions and that is not where i want to go. I would love to be more like Olimpia and Fernando in terms of style consistency and working contexts, showing a strong personality and a unique and outstanding style for brands, magazines and newspapers.


Exercise 01: Case Study - image 3 - student project