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Exene is an Outsider Who Wants IN

Exene is a professional alien and a Ziggy Stardust worshipper, who's had a knack for finding herself in all the places she'd been curious about, including a job at the DEA office in Istanbul among foul-mouthed, gun-toting, beer guzzling DEA Agents and several all expenses paid trips to places such as Frankfurt, Cairo and Luxembourg (to interview for a missile assistant job at NATO).

The 7 year itch got her out of her cushy government job and she leapt into the abyss 5 years ago.  A twist of fate now has her living in the affluent and dull commercial district of North Sydney (which undoubtedly will be going through a transformation under her watch).

She began her career as a beggar for a visa to stay in the country.  

Exene quickly tired of being treated like a pauper by employers and has finally proven her value to Nathan, a man who only looks at numbers, to gain a partner visa and now she's determined to realize her potential as a business writer to help others tell the stories which will serve them.

Every week she publishes her LinkedIn column Job and the City about the greatest job of all, living this life as we please, sticking to our truths, letting our stories evolve and loving the alien.

Job and the City is also the name of a collection of twisted stories of a woman who mixes business, pleasure, material and spirituality as she looks for evidence that the key to world domination is calculated creations, creative calculations and most importantly, un-selfish intentions.


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