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Excuse My Mood.

I've always drawn character faces and have loved cartoons. My faces usually consist of a contrast of bright colors and sad and moody emotion. I have created a few characters that I call Downers. They mainly deal with judgements, a sense of shame, and embarrassment. 

I'd love the chance to change these into full body functioning toys. 

I also do other character drawings and will upload images that focus on the compare and grouping aspect of the project. 

Some more jumping points. Most of the images used deal with emotions and I'm looking at how we handle multiple feelings at once. How an individual can feel disjointed or puzzled / unsure of how to handle an interaction/feeling. I like the idea of dealing with switchable/rotating parts also. 


The closest thing that comes to what I'm wanting is the Mad L Design but also wanting a bit more detail to it. I'll have sketches posted of what I'm thinking.

This whole body image is tough. I like the heads how I have them and feel as though I dont really need the body to stand out. I think the heads are th emost interesting part and wonder also what it would be like with the heads only (sort of like what you see in the sketch to the right on the image above.) I drew a few hunch backed characters and all but have found it hard to get away from my source. Ill keep at it and I'm also looking to explore a different form of characters. 


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