Excitement is happening!

Phase Two. - Getting there.

I'm starting to like it. I know I'm not there yet (and I would defintely change the wording if it were to go live), but it's getting there.

Phase One. - Indecisive


Here are my first four samples for the first project.

p.s. I do have a little logo for my small business, but decided against using it to see what I could do with simplistic and minimalistic design.


Very simple and neat. With this one, I just pretty much threw it on there, added different sizes and italics, and bam. Done. Honestly did not put much thought into it whatsoever. But it's still something that can work.

Fonts used: Avenir Next Condensed Medium Italic/Ultra Light


This is higher up on the list of favorites for me. In my design class at school, we talked about the use of the different glyphs that fonts have. So I decided to actually utilize what I learned in class and put it towards this project. I found the squares. Again, very simple. But the bigger I made them, the more it started to look like an actual film strip. The only thing that would worry me is that I only use my film camera for fun, not for actual photoshoots. I wouldn't want to give off the impression that I use film for the photoshoots. But regardless, I still like this idea.

p.s. Maybe I looked too far into giving the wrong impression?

Fonts used: Essence Sans Regular/Bold

                     Avenir Ultra Light


I believe this is my favorite, I just feel the need to play around with it more. When I resized the text to the left, it just looks...odd. Suggestions?

Fonts used: Myriad Pro Regular/Condensed


This last one I threw together as well. I used more glyphs. I feel as if I'm getting somewhere with this design, but I'm just not there yet. Maybe it's the center text that makes it...just "eh". But, as in the intructional video, I made sure to align the furthest points of my text. *sigh*

Constructive feedback needed!


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