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1) Exploring Inspiration

My son Marcus gave me a Skillshare voucher for Fathers day - he's pursuing a self led education  in drawing & painting.

I want to use this class to create something memorable for him to encourage him on his journey - something for his wall, a wallet card, or a tee-shirt. 

Recently he showed me a video of one of the schools he's planning to attend through selling his work - and replayed this quote back to me at the end:

"Real excellence doesn't come easily but it can be yours if you're willing to work for it. Have courage and enjoy your work." - John Angel

The school is the "Angel Atelier" in Florence - http://www.angelartschool.com/galleries.html#cast

I know the quote is looooong - but keen to make it work, so expect to need to put in a bit of extra effort to get something that looks right and reads well - any pointers welcome!


basically a bit of a mind map around different elements of the quote put together in the wee hours when I got back from work late:

Mood Board

So - I had a bit of a pinterest frenzy looking for long quotes / lettering to get a feel for things that Iliked - an extract is below....

then - caught a few moments between different things to pull together some very rough thumbnails based on some of the ideas in the brainstorm / mood board:

2) Basics of Lettering

Rushing a bit ahead there - so next step in the lesson is to do some warmups:


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