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Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - Elements Of The Screen - Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!


After 5 years, 100's of cities, and training thousands of students, I have learned a few things. A lot people are nervous about working with Excel spreadsheets, and it is only because they never learned the basic elements of the Escel screen.

Does this sound familiar: "I know what that buttons does, not what it's called." "Click on the Format Painter in the Clipboard Group? Huh?"

The first class in the Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - Don't Get Mad...Get Skills! series is teaching the Basic Elements Of The Excel Screen, and it is intended to be the first step in laying a solid foundation for your Excel experience.

The project for this course will be to be able to identify, for example "where is the Format Painter?" The answer would be "Home Tab > Clipboard Group > Format Painter."

"Where is the Zoom to Selection?" Answer "View Tab > Zoom Group >  Zoom to Selection."

Here is The Outline

Here is the Introduction video


Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!



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