Example project: With Me

Example project: With Me - student project




Here's an example project I've created, using my class make-belief brand, 'With me'. 


Class starting pointWith Me sells watering cans
Class end point: With Me believes city life can be healthier, happier, and cheaper. And our plant friends are the solution to making this come true!


Class Brand identity discovery


  • Brand Vision: To make life healthier, happier, and cheaper for city dwellers
  • Brand Hero: The positive city go-getters who don't give up, and find a way no matter what life throws at them. Whether that's a shy person starting a new job in a big scary city, a single parent trying to bring up healthy, happy kids, or a student trying live like a queen on a budget!
  • Brand nemesis: Isolation and loneliness in a big city, cost of living, air pollution, 
  • Brand Genre: A heart-warming, cheeky, family-friendly brand


With Me Poster (end of part 1 project)

Example project: With Me - image 1 - student project


With Me Instagram story video

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