Example project - Helene

Example project  - Helene  - student project




Rebecca has moved to Paris to work at a bank but she's running away from something and keeps herself to herself. Until she meets Hélène

Hélène is as French and sophisticated as Chanel, but also beautiful and kind. She changes Rebecca's life and saves her from loneliness. She shows Rebecca a different version of Paris, and invites her to glamorous events and restaurants. But the longer Rebecca knows Hélène, the stranger this seems. What would someone as wonderful and clever as Hélène want with someone like her?

Rebecca becomes increasingly paranoid, convinced that Hélène has been sent by someone from her past. Can she find out the truth before her past comes back to get her? 

A taut pacey thriller with lots of twists and turns.


I've set up a Pinterest Board here with lots of images for Helene 

Nicola Valentine

Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films