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Example Scrabble cheater

True story:

I play a lot of Scrabble and Words with Friends with my Dad. The last time I was home for the holidays, we started up a Scrabble game like usual. It was a tough match, neck-and-neck.

We took a break from the game for dinner; it was his turn.

He retreated to his studio to check his e-mails. When dinner was ready, I went over to let him know.

I opened the utter betrayal. On his computer screen was a list of all of the 2- and 3-letter Scrabble words.

My father, my own flesh and blood, was cheating!

Here's the problem, Dad. I know how to program. If you are going to cheat at Scrabble, I am going to cheater harder.

Now that I have this Python Scrabble cheater, you are toast!

Here's a link to my Scrabble cheater:

And here's the cheater in action!


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