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Adams Eberwein

Illustrator, Musician, New Dad, Pineapple Lover



Example Project


The above image is my initial drawing -- just a simple black outline on one layer in Photoshop, and a 50% gray background on another layer. 


This image is my "safe base" where I used the pen tool to fill in my outline and show Photoshop exactly where I want to add color. 


The above image is my flat color layer. I used a pale brown, a light blue, and a dark brown as my foundation colors. 


I added shadows to my base colors. I used a soft brush with lower opacity and flow (see the Glossary if you don't know what those terms mean) to add the shadows. 


I added highlights using a pale yellow color, a soft brush for the softer ("diffuse") light, and then a harder brush for the backlighting ("rim light"). 


I used a soft round brush with low opacity and flow to create a basic yellow background wash. 

All done! What do you think? 


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