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Example Project from Ari Meisel

This is an example of a step by step process for creating my Friday blog post on all the interesting things I read about that week. This was distilled down to a foolproof process after starting with something much longer and less clear. This is a process I had to go through myself every week, now it can be outsourced to anyone without any training.

1) Go to the Wordpress Dashboard ( and login with user name "xxxxxxxxxx" and password "xxxxxxxxxx"

2) On the lower left side hover over WP Portfolio and click Add New Group

3) The name of the group should be this friday's full date (M/D/YY) and the description should be "Friday Posts" then click Add Group Details

4) On the lower left click Website Groups, note the ID of the group you just created

5) Hover over Posts on the left column and click Add New Post

6) The title should be "Things I Found Interesting This Week (M/D/YY)" where the date is that of the Friday coming up. The opening paragraph should be "Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week."

7) Paste [wp-portfolio groups="11"] into the bodys of the post and change the groups= number to the group ID of the group you just created

8) On the lower right click "Set Featured Image" then click Media Library, then find the FridayPost image (you may have to go to page 2 or 3 of the images)

9) Click Show and then click Use as featured image then close that window

10) Under Wordpress SEO by Yoast click Generate SEO Title and then under description write "Interesting web apps, services, and products of the week ending M/D/YY"

11) At the bottom where it says Show Featured Image change that to No

12) Back at the top right where it says publish immediately, edit that and schedule it to post sometime before noon

13) Back on the dashboard on the lower right under WP Portfolio hover over that and click Add New Website.

14) Now visit for this weeks content.

15) Add all the items from the last 7 days as an individual item under Add New Website, adding it to the website group you just created (tomorrow's date). Use the original link to the content NOT the Delicious link. (If there is a ? in the link because it's from feedburner or feedblitz, remove everything after and including the ? In the URL)

16) Try to add the original source if possible and use the title from the original source (see previous "Interesting Things of the Week" post as reference).


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